Ceremony#2 Post lockdown...

Morgan & Matthew are the sweetest couple who choose to have an intimate wedding with just their very closest family and friends in Queenstown. The English couple live in Queenstown, but their immediate families flew all the way from the UK to celebrate with them and visit where they now call home. But unfortunately, days before their wedding, Covid-19 broke out in NZ. Half the family/guests arrived in NZ after they announced the 2 week quarantine, so they weren't aloud be present at the wedding they had flown across the world for because they were self isolating in their Air BnB down the road, not able to see them on their wedding day! It was really gutting for the couple, but they still had a amazing day with the guests that lived locally or that had flown in earlier. Even the torrential rain didn't bother them because they were just so happy to be getting married amongst a global pandemic!…
Because their families that didn't make the wedding, had to then stay in NZ, on lockdown, not able to see the newly married couple for 2 months!… we decided to do another ceremony once the lockdown rules lightened so they could finally witness Morgan & Matthew get married in Queenstown before they travelled home again! For the second ceremony we went up to Coronet Peak, which is halfway up a ski-field, with epic views of the mountains, lakes and Queenstown!
It was so special to be part of these 2 ceremonies and meeting all your family that had travelled so far to be with you, to only get to see the inside of an Air BnB! But the main thing is you still got married and you eventually got to celebrate with your families! xx

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