Wedding Albums

There is nothing like being able to pick up your wedding images and looking through them together on the couch. You will look at your images infinitely more than you will when they only live on a computer.

Flush Mount Wedding Albums are the ultimate compliment to showcase your beautiful wedding images.
Thick, non-bending panoramic pages, with archival qualities, offer you a luxurious heirloom album that will last for many generations to come.

Pick your favourite photos from your gallery and I will personally design the album to tell your wedding day love story.

Flush Mount Wedding Album

Whats Included

Album Prices

10 x 10 inch Flush Mount – $1,100

12 x 12 inch Flush Mount – $1,300

- Album pages designed by Carla

- 20 pages printed (40 sides) on 1.1mm Art Board
- 80 – 120 images chosen by you
- Cover wrap in Leather or Linen

- Personalised embossing of names and/or wedding date
- Display box
- Flush Mount Bound Binding to allow a perfectly flat spread print
- Two sizes; either 10×10 inch or 12×12 inch

- Delivery time from final approval approximately 6-8 weeks

- Shipping

Extra Pages

10 x 10 inch – $30

12 x 12 inch – $40

Cover Material Options

Vintage leather

Earthy leathers that evoke distant, rugged landscapes. Inviting textures that will respond to your touch.

Micro leathers

Micro Leathers are amongst our most popular cover materials – beautiful textures, lovely colours, and vegan-friendly.


Linens offer a huge variety of colours and textures — subtle “coastal” shades, striking two-tone weaves, and soft, delicate pastels.
To capture the distinctive weave we’ve photographed them as they come off the roll, but the weave will run square to the cover like all our woven fabrics.