Maryssa & Shaun held their wedding at the beautiful Glendhu Station in Wanaka. The ceremony spot looks over Lake Wanaka and is absolutely breathtaking... but it had nothing on Maryssa's beauty, as you can see by Shauns reaction as she came down the aisle to meet and marry him.
After making it offical in front of their loved ones, we got some photos with their bridal party around Glendhu Station, then the couple whisked away in a chopper to Coromandel Peak for some serious wedding goal photos. Coromandel Peak is quite famous for it's hero shot, overlooking the lake and mountains, it's pretty hard to beat. What made it even better is the wind blew her veil off her head and mountain, making a dramatic exit, which luckily I caught on camera!
They partied the night away to Mountain Beats DJ, busting out 'The Macarena' for some classic synchronised dancing and nailed it!
Thanks so much for having me, I loved creating these memories for you! xxx

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